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Tiny Gardening

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From the makers of Tiny Baking!, we now have Tiny Gardening! The world's smallest gardening kit grows plants in itty-bitty garden pots. Conduct fun experiments with tiny garden tools. Kids can enjoy gardening at their fingertips with a miniature desktop greenhouse and tiny gardening tools while exploring science principles like capillary action, photosynthesis, transpiration, and phototropism.

This 5.5"w x 8.5" x 3"d package includes 34 tiny pieces! It includes: Tiny greenhouse, 3 tiny pots, 3 tiny test tubes, tiny hand shovel, tiny hand fork, tiny beaker, 3 tiny garden markers, greenhouse wall panels, greenhouse roof panels, string, tiny ruler, petri dish, green and blue acetate sheets, decorative clings, marker stickers, and a 48-page tiny, illustrated gardening activity book.

Cultivate your mind with 20 bodacious botany experiments! Learn about the plant life cycle, extract DNA from fruit, and discover the effects of acid rain, gravity, and colored light waves on plant growth; watch plants soak up CO2 and release oxygen, bend toward the sun, and pull water from their roots to their tips. Just add soil, water and your choice of seeds.