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Hair + Fashion Accessories

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  1. School Scrunchie
  2. Barbie X Kitsch Satin Brunch Scrunchies 2pc Set
  3. Barbie X Kitsch Satin Pillowcase
  4. Barbie X Kitsch Rhinestone Claw Clip
  5. Barbie X Kitsch Recycled Nylon Elastics
  6. Barbie X Kitsch Assorted Claw Clip Set 3pc
  7. Satin Bow Scarf Scrunchies
  8. Recycled Plastic Assorted Claw Clip 3pc - Oversized
  9. Eco-Friendly Chain Claw Clip 3pc Set - Black/Moss
  10. Eco-Friendly Nylon Elastics
  11. Recycled Plastic Claw Clip Set 3pc - Octopus
  12. Volumizing Roller Clips
  13. Satin Wrapped Claw Clip - Leopard
  14. Open Shape Claw Clip
  15. Slick Hair Coils - Small Nude
  16. Rhinestones Metal Bobby Pins - Rose Gold
  17. Diamond Bobby Pins
  18. Seed Bead Love with Hearts Bracelet - Sunshine