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Pre-Made Party Favors

Are you looking for children's party favors that won't end up in the trash? We carefully curate goody bags that are sustainable and keep giving back. Don't see your theme, email us to start customizing.

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  1. School Is Out Goody Bag
  2. Mystery Sticker Pack
  3. Personalized Birthday Candy Cubes
  4. Escape Room Party Favor
  5. Antartica Expedition Party Favors
  6. Western Themed Lollipops
  7. Slam Dunk Party Favor
  8. Cool Treat Party Favor
  9. Plaza Sleepover
  10. Circus Party Favors
  11. Dog Spa Kids Party Favor
  12. Kids Ballerina Party Favors
  13. Puzzled Unicorn Party Favors
  14. Buggy Party Favors
  15. Planet Party Favor
  16. Ballerina Party Favors