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Bunk Gifts

Are you looking to surprise your camper with a gift and card in their trunk? Looking to give gifts for your bunkmates? Shop our curated collection of jewelry, stickers, accessories and more. 

Want help packing up the gifts for your child's bunkmates? We bag, tag and customize your campers gifts. Email us for more details: 

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  1. 1989 Sticker Sheet (Taylor Swift)
  2. T.S Album Sticker Sheet (Taylor Swift)
  3. Bubble Gum Machine Taylor Mini Sticker Gift
  4. Love For Chick-Fil-A Sticker
  5. Taylor's Version Sticker
  6. Pipsticks Sticker Keeper
  7. Find Your Groove Stickers
  8. Nylon Cosmetic Bag Sherpa Smile Chenille
  9. Nylon Cosmetic Bag Purple Camp Chenille
  10. Nylon Cosmetic Bag Pink Soccer Chenille
  11. Nylon Cosmetic Bag Dance Chenille
  12. Cosmetic Bag Beach Chenille
  13. Pool Swim Clear Bag Chenille
  14. Grwm Get Ready Chenille Bag
  15. Seed Bead Love with Hearts Bracelet - Sunshine
  16. Seed Bead Love with Hearts Bracelet
  17. Love Signs - Horoscopes
  18. Bali Friendship Bracelet
  19. Rock Candy Baguette Bangle
  20. PURE LOVE Tile Bracelets
  21. LUCKY IN LOVE Tile Bracelets
  22. Kids Smile Bracelet
  23. Best Friends Forever Temporary Tattoo Pack
  24. Love Pastel Bracelet