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Natural | 5 Set of Rock Blocks

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Natural wood blocks are a customer classic and all-time favorite. There is a sense of connection when playing and constructing with raw wood. The texture and warmth of the tree is felt through your fingers.

Each block is handcrafted from a tree with a story of growth and decades of life. -Raw and natural wood -Montessori build + balance blocks -Handcrafted in USA -Sparks imagination and creativity -Perfect challenge for kids -One-of-a-kind

Recommended Age: 2+ Our “Natural” 5 set consists of two different wood species: Alder + Birch. These species are two of the most sustainable and accessible woods the US has to offer. Wood is a timeless material, and gives kids much needed sensory and unplugged play.

Block size can vary from 1.5"-3" in width and height. Packaging: 12x2x2" Kraft literature box, sealed with branded tape. Blocks are packaged with kraft crinkle paper.