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5 Unique Birthday Party Favors and Goody Bags

5 Unique Birthday Party Favors and Goody Bags

Since many of us have firsthand experience with how much kids like searching through grab bags of tiny treasures, Ivy and Bugz provide a variety of suggestions that may be combined and don't break the bank.

But we've also discovered that it's occasionally better to give out fewer gifts to visitors and that receiving just one extra-special item can be just as rewarding.

Therefore, here are some of our recommendations for the best party favors and goody bags for kids:

1. Wizards and Spells Party Favor

Are you a Potterhead? Who loves to pull off great skills with a magic wand and fly on a nimbus broomstick? Then these party favors are definitely for you. Explore your inside magician and witchery with us.

Harry Potter brass necklace with gold plating, tiny and lightweight, each pendant hangs from a delicate 16-inch chain. Measurements are approximately 11 mm by 6 mm. Brushed finish on the surface. Plating of 14k gold, please.

2. Happy Rainbow Party Favors

These party favors are among the most beautiful and excellent ideas to exchange. First, they would always think of giving back and returning the favor; second, it’s absolutely fun!

This party bundle includes 1 Round frame rainbow sunglasses (colors vary), 1 Rainbow silicone digital watch (designs and colors go), 1 Rainbow tattoo, 1 Cellophane gift bag. Favor bags, including 1 Favor Tag.

3. Blues & Clues Party Favors

Colorful envelopes say a lot about this appealing party favor. They come in vibrant blue and red colors, making them ideal for holiday season party favors.

This party bundle includes 1 Ooly dog sketchpad, 4 packs of Crayola Crayons, 1 Ring Pop, and 1 Pup bubble. Favor is wrapped with kraft paper & wrapped with twine. 1 themed favor tag & 1 envelope.

4. Yeti Bits Party Favors

Time to meet the ice monster, which is very much liked among kids. Who doesn’t know Yeti? Being so famous for its character play, it’s a great party favor!

This party favor includes 1 Yeti Action Pens, 1 Yeti Pop Shot Set, 1 Yeti Led Color Changing Nightlight, 1 Yeti Instant Blizzard, 1 Snowball Surprise that consists of a surprise toy, 1 Burlap Bag. These favor bags also have unattached Yeti Favor Tags.

5. Pokemon Party Favors

Here are our favorite cartoon party favors! This party bundle includes: 6 Pokemon Luggage Tags (assorted styles), 18 packs of Pokemon cards (styles vary - sword & shield), 6 Ring Pops (assorted flavors), 6 Packs of Pop Rocks (assorted flavors), 6 Party Favor Bags (assorted colors - black, yellow, white)

Favor bags include 6 Pokemon Favor Tags, Black Twine, and 6 Lighting Bolt Charms. Favor bags ship unassembled to ensure the best quality when sent.


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