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You are Magic

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You are Magic! We are in love with this magical gift box. This box is filled with:

1 Set of Trust the Process Pencils. Set of six engraved pencils ◦ Wood case hex pencils with #2 lead ◦  Unsharpened ◦  Certified non-toxic ◦  Latex-free synthetic erasers

1 Ooly Pencil Sharpener. The Mighty Pencil Sharpener is a 3-hole pencil sharpener, one for regular sized pencils, one for larger pencils and one to sharpen for a really fine tip. 3-Hole Sharpeners 

1 Creativity Gemstone Erasers. A PLAYFUL TAKE ON CRYSTALS: Crystals and gemstones have been used for their cleansing and healing powers since ancient times. This eraser set includes five different "crystals" packaged in an eye-catching geometric box. Made of high-quality rubber, and easy to holdThe "crystals" in this eraser set include:
   • Amethyst: peace, intuition, higher wisdom
   • Aquamarine: courage, creativity, communication
   • Citrine: imagination, self-expression, manifestation
   • Clear Quartz: clarity, focus, energy
   • Rose Quartz: unconditional love, trust, emotional healing

1 Pipsticker Puffy Sticker. Use them to decorate your laptop, notebook, planner or gifts! Each puffy sticker measures 4'' x 6'' and is 5mm thick

1 Set of Gemstone Notebooks.