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Wild Forest Potion Mini Kit

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Wild Forest Sensory Mini Kit is a fun nature inspired mindful potion set for kids. Celebrating in gratitud, kids are guided through magical potion recipes, analogies, and facts about Nature.

Use the Wishes Affirmations to recognize and give gratitude, and make some wishes for the time ahead. By mixing and scooping, watch the potion fizz, change colors, and sparkle as the joy and excitement of new discoveries sparks true magic in children's hearts and minds. A nature inspired experience with a touch of mindfulness through the use of Affirmations.

WILD FOREST POTION MINI KIT – comes with: Stardust River Dry Worms Sleeping Moss Tree Elixir A Wooden Spoon 1 Potion Drooper 2 cards with Positive Affirmations, information about the kit, ingredients, and potions.