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Wooden Easter "Eggs" | 6 Set of Rock Blocks

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Rock Blocks: Stackable Montessori wooden blocks, shaped like rocks. Spark imagination and creativity with open play. Build + balance toy. *Premium + Seasonal* Handcrafted Wooden Easter Basket Gift.

Packaged in a light grey egg carton, labeled with a Rock Block sticker. -A combo of pastel + bright colors -Montessori build + balance wood blocks -Handcrafted in USA -Sparks imagination and creativity -Non-toxic, zero-VOC acrylic paints with an eggshell finish -Perfect one-of-a-kind beginner set

When the blocks are stacked, a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment will sprout inside, giving a boost of confidence. Every balancing block is handcrafted out of a sustainable hardwood, Alder, in our wood shop.