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Lily Unicorn Icepack

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UPER SOFT REUSABLE GEL BEAD PACK. HOT + COLD Freeze it to soothe bumps & bruises, insect bites, fevers, sunburns, ear aches, sprains & growing pains. COLD: Place in freezer for one hour before use. HOT: Warm in hot water before use or microwave for 5-10 seconds. Non-toxic gel beads. BPA Free. Latex Free. Wipe clean.

Directions are printed on the back of each freezer pack. FUN TIPS: ~Slip heated packs into pockets for instant winter warmth. ~Perfect for keeping lunches cold. Gel freezer packs are reusable Use hot or cold Filled with fun and flexible non-toxic food grade gel beads Directions for how to use are on the back of each gel pack

Ages 3+ Adult supervision is required when using this product.