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  • $7.00

Rainbow Laces - Whether you enjoy them strand by strand or pound them by the pile, these lusciously chewy, super-fruity laces guarantee a colorful candy experience in every bite! Non-GMO.

Spring Twists - Frosted Pretzels - Pastel Confetti

Gummy Octopus - Get ready for adventure! These exhilarating fruit flavored sour gummies will be swimming into your heart and your tummy. Who knew octopus could be so scrumptious?!

White Pretzel Balls “Limited Edition” - Crisp and crunchy pretzel rounds covered in a creamy white coating.

Dolphin Buddies Gummies - Swim in deep blue raspberry flavor exploding with sour sugar fun! These dolphin gummies are sure to bring a "sea" of delight!

Dragon eggs - Mystical dragon eggs with a hard cracking shell and a soft, chewy, sour watermelon core! Gluten Free.

Mermaid Pearls - Pretty pearls of rich milk chocolate coated in thin, crisp candy shells!