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  1. You're A Superstar, Gold Star Enamel Pin Boxed Set
  2. Banana Patch
  3. Thumbs Up Patch
  4. Iron-On Patches
  5. Fully Feathered Volumizing Mascara
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  6. Glow Nowhere Oil Blotting Sheet
  7. Cherry Limeade Gloss
  8. Happy Lips – Lip Balm with Mirror
  9. Stud Kids Earrings in a Bottle - Hearts
  10. Stud Kids Earrings in a Bottle - Evil Eye
  11. Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings in a Bottle - Small Hoop
  12. Smile Tassel Necklace
  13. Dainty Pendant Necklace - Star and Gem
  14. Darla  Dolphin Critters Necklace
  15. Fun Stuff Real Hamonica Necklace
  16. Moon Resin Necklace+ Bookmark
  17. Bali Friendship Bracelet
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  18. Love Signs - Horoscopes
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  19. Seed Bead Love with Hearts Bracelet
  20. Seed Bead Love with Hearts Bracelet - Sunshine