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Kids' Party Favors That Won't End Up In The Trash

Kids' Party Favors That Won't End Up In The Trash

Party favors are a time-honored tradition at kids' birthday parties, but let's face it, most of the time these items end up in the trash or forgotten at the bottom of the goodie bag. You want to give your guests something that is not only memorable but also something that they can actually use. And let's not forget the satisfaction of not contributing to the growing landfill problem.

The trend of return gifts is on the rise, and it’s a wonderful gesture to show appreciation for the guests who have come to celebrate with your child.

So, why settle for generic, boring gifts that will eventually end up in the bin? Let's go for something that will have a lasting impact. Here are five party favors that are guaranteed to be a hit with kids:

1. Art Supplies: 

Art Supplies

Art supplies are always a hit with kids. Unique crayons and stamp markers can provide hours of creative entertainment. It is a fun and practical way to encourage the imagination and creativity of your mini guests. The Dinosaur Eggs Beewax Crayon and the Confetti Stamp Double-Ended Markers make for some unique party favors.

2. Mind Engaging Games:

Mind Engaging Games

Puzzles, lego sets, and mazes are great options for kids. Check out the Unicorn Mini Puzzle, 5-minute Lego Build, or the Flippin' Fun Maze Keychain - Avocado to brain-train the kids in the form of return gifts. These games will keep them entertained, and their minds engaged, making it a win-win for both parents and children.

3. Activity Books:

Activity Books

Stickers, coloring, and storybooks are perfect for younger children. These books will not only keep them entertained but also help improve their reading and writing skills. A fun Hardcover Retro Style Sticker Book, an engaging Little People Big Dreams Coloring Book, or a cool story book like How to Catch a Mermaid will keep their minds busy and their creativity at an all-time high.

4. Play Dough Kit:

Playdough is another classic party favor that kids love. They can use their imagination to mold, shape and create anything they want. It's a great way to encourage creativity and also helps with hand-eye coordination. A quirky one like the Ice Cream Playdough Kit comes with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate home made play dough + tons of fun add-ons! You’ll soon witness the little ones open their own mini ice cream parlour and watch their imaginations soar!

Play Dough Kit

5. Slime:

Slime is a fun and interactive party favor that kids just can't resist. They'll love playing with it and creating their own custom designs. It's a great sensory activity for kids of all ages. Try the Sonria Slime in Assorted Flavors of Crushed Cookies And Cream, Sprinkle Frosting, Birthday Cake, Cookie Dough or Pink Lemonade.


The best goodie bag should have unique party favors for the toddler that will not only put a smile on their faces but also have a lasting impact. These five party favors are sure to provide hours of entertainment for kids and won't end up in the landfill. If you want to add an extra layer of personalization then take your pick of party favor and add them in a cute Faux Fur Fuzzy Smiley Face Bag to minimize use of paperbags and maximise the usage of reusable bags. So, the next time you're planning a kids' party, think beyond the ordinary and give your guests the best party favors that they will actually use and appreciate.